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American Engineering Campaign



  For centuries, engineers have invented, designed and planned a better way of living. From creating the Step Pyramid in 2550 B.C. to constructing roads, bridges, and tunnels that connect our communities, to advancing technologies in energy, communications, medicine, and computers, engineering is everywhere.

The American Engineering Campaign aims to help people understand just what we engineers do in our careers, the role we play in so many facets of community life, and the fun we have doing it. We're taking the messages directly to students in classrooms across America and working with the media to help bring our story to life in newspapers and magazines and on television screens across the country.

A couple of years ago, our nation reached a 17-year low in the number of students receiving bachelor's degrees in engineering. This means that just when demand for engineers is reaching a critical high, we have fewer and fewer bright young people entering the profession.

For more information on the American Engineering Campaign, visit www.americanengineeringcampaign.org.  

Key Goals of the American Engineering Campaign

Help the media and the public understand exactly what engineers do


Illustrate the importance of engineering in your everyday life.  Question: What if engineering disappeared for a day?


Promote the "Engineering in the Classroom" program which provides engineering professionals with opportunities to talk with students about what they do


2002 Bring Your Child To Work Day

Bring Your Child To Work DayCSPE member John Westmoreland, P.E. participated in the April 25, 2002 Bring Your Child To Work Day at LSI Logic Corporation in Milpitas.  Westmoreland hopes to raise awareness about the field of engineering while providing his son with real life experiences.

Eight year old Benjamin worked on Wafer Processing (making "semiconductor chips" out of graham crackers or cookies, frosting and chocolate chips to simulate the manufacturing process of chips), and learned about the engineering behind chips that are used in PlayStation, Set-Top Box and DVD.  

Press Release

Click here to view the American Engineering Campaign Milestone Press Release to celebrate the Campaign's one year anniversary.  The press release highlights the success the Campaign has had in increasing the visibility of engineers and the work they do.  In addition, it serves as a vehicle to continue to tell the story about the important contributions engineers make to our society. 


In conjunction with the American Engineering Campaign, CSPE makes available its members for interviews and seminars via traditional and multi-media sources.  To date, CSPE has reached millions of Californians with the American Engineering Campaign.  If you would like to get involved with this critical campaign, please contact the CSPE State Office at info@cspe.com.



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